WIDE-LP 99.1 FM Test Broadcast July 4, 2015
using a Comet CFM-95SL antenna mounted 28 ft above roof of a 3 story building.
Here are reception testers distances from N. Segoe Rd test site (as determined using http://www.daftlogic.com/projects-google-maps-distance-calculator.htm) and their indoor reception reports.
Tester addresses:
1. 617 Sheldon St  1.623 mi.
2. 540 W. Olin Ave. #253  3.450 mi.
3. 4606 Waukesha St  0.307 mi.
4. 630 Pickford St  1.566 mi.
5. 2338 Quartz Lane  4.943 mi.
6. 22 Starr Ct  3.116 mi.
7. 101 E. Mifflin St.  3.623 mi. 
   333 East Campus Mall (WSUM)  2.863 mi.
8.  916 Shorewood Blvd 0.682 mi.

10. 5609 Hammersley Rd  2.540 mi.
11. 4709 Sherwood Rd 1.477 mi.
12. 5610 Hammersley Rd  2.507 mi.

14. 7130 Brindley Cir  4.279 mi.
15. 625 N Segoe Rd  0.134 mi.
16. 4713 Regent St  0.191 mi.
17. 4337 Milford Rd  2.822 mi.
18. 521 Shady Wood Way  8.209 mi.
19. 5625 Nutone St., Fitchburg  5.496 mi.

Reports in order of increasing distance from test broadcast site:

15 (0.134 mi.) I was receiving some zydeco music just now, had no trouble hearing the station in my condo on the NW corner of Weston Place, 625 N. Segoe Rd. My condo is ... on the 5th floor. That might be the worst possible spot for reception as signal will be blocked by both Venture, as well as much of Weston.

16 (0.191 mi.) I'm receiving the station loud and clear (of course in my location).

3 (0.307 mi.) I could get reception on my two radios which are in the back of my house. The radio in the living room facing Waukesha St. didn't pull it in, despite being the best radio.

8 (0.682 mi.) Got it faintly around 2:00 pm [with antenna wire] maybe two feet long, attached to radio, inside the house.

11 (1.477 mi.) 11:30 am very good reception on:
* radio with antenna on north side of house
* BOSE radio no visible antenna on south side of house

4 (1.566 mi.) Radio test results from Pickford St. (west side) noon: indoors (first floor stereo, second floor clock radio): static

1 (1.623 mi.) We tried our home radio periodically throughout the afternoon with vertical antenna. No dice--static only. Tried listening again at 12:25 indoors on the 1st (and only) floor with radio antenna. Got Milwaukee.

12 (2.507 mi.) 99.1 FM does not come in on:
(1) Small clock radio in internal bathroom
(2) Small clock radio in north bathroom with vertical antenna wire
(3) Kitchen stereo radio with no FM antenna
(4) Screen porch stereo with roof antenna
(5) Computer room radio
I get marginal reception on the bedroom radio which varies depending on the position of the short loop antenna. The station comes in loud and clear on my Scott tuner with 3 ft. long solid bar vertical antenna in the living room (north side of house).

10 (2.540 mi.) I've been listening for the past half hour or so. Station is somewhat staticky, and I am using my more sensitive DXing radio. I'm having a difficult time picking it up on the lower level and and the top level (which is a bit up on the hill as you know) it is still rather directional-sensitive with best results on the NW side of the house closest to the picture window with the telescoping antenna pointed in a NW direction. I realize that is not quite where Hilldale is from a birdseye direction from my location, but that configuration is working best for reception currently. Other less sensitive radios in the house have much more trouble picking up WIDE-LP.

17 (2.822 mi.) Reporting in. We didn't hear the station :(. I tried a couple times in the house and in my car. Closest we got was 98.1 and 99.9.

6 (3.116 mi.) In my house, I was not able to get a clear enough signal to really make out anything. In the house I was using a home stereo with a simple fm antenna (a wire that plugs into the back).The stereo is in the north east corner of the house.

2 (3.450 mi.) No luck at all :(. (In the past I've gotten it near sunset.)

7 (3.623 mi.) I live on the 9th floor of a building on the square. I have an indoor antenna, facing southwest, but could not get anything.
(2.863 mi.) At WSUM, with desk receiver with simple dipole, got good reception, some static. This is on the 4th floor and my window faces an interior courtyard.

14 (4.279 mi.) No luck with our receiver, but our setup has two disadvantages - the receiver won't let you manually select a frequency but only scans for the next one up or down (so weaker signals will get skipped) and no good antenna.

5 (4.943 mi.) While it's pretty much as we expected, I am saddened to report that on the far west side of Madison all I get is a lot of static and the Milwaukee station. Tested it on all three levels of my house using several different types of antennas.

19 (5.496 mi.) I was able to pick up a station but I'm not sure it's yours. I was hearing talk radio, something about genetics at 12:35. From inside our house, I have a good radio with a wire antenna. I was able to just pick up the station if I moved the wire towards the south, but it had a lot of static even then.

18 (8.209 mi) 1:15 pm Tested on a 12 year old clock radio. Could not get a clear signal from your station. Everything I heard was a cross between pop music and some kind of sports talk.