LPFM Radio - Greater Madison WI

In the Media

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Technical Notes

New and relocated LPFM radio stations in the greater Madison area
Call Letters Frequency Owner Status
WWMV-LP95.5  Lussier Community Education Center Inc.        1st shows1/28/17 deadlinea
WVMO-LP98.7  City of Monona schedule
WIDE-LP99.1  Health Writers scheduleb
WMUU-LP102.9  First Unitarian Society of Madison streaming
WLSP-LP103.5  Sun Prairie Community Foundation D.B.A. Friends of Kids-4 streaming
WALK-LP103.7  Madison Christian Low Power FM

aLooking to launch in late October 2016
bRelocated to Orchard Dr. with a higher antenna Oct. 2015
Two 1st Round Stations (white stars) and Five 2nd Round Stations (yellow stars)

REC Networks maps of projected coverage for new stations based on FCC data
WWMV-LP 95.5 FM - Lussier Community Education Center
WVMO-LP 98.7 FM - City of Monona
WMUU-LP 102.9 FM - First Unitarian Society of Madison
WLSP-LP 103.5 FM - Sun Prairie Community Foundation

WALK-LP 103.7 FM - Madison Christian LPFM

Older Madison area LPFM stations
WIXL-LP 97.1 FM - City Church 
WIDE-LP 99.1 FM - Health Writers (after relocation)

General LPFM Info
Wisconsin EAS Plan (2016)
Local Community Radio Act (signed into law Jan. 2011)
REC Broadcast Query for Madison area with links to coverage maps, FCC applications, etc.
FCC Application Search
Grassroots Radio Conference 2016, Oct. 7-10, 2016, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Grassroots Radio Conference 2014, Aug. 14-17, 2014, Ames, Iowa
LPFM Station-Builders Intensive Workshop Series at grc2014
Audio recordings and handouts from grc2014
Improving Radio Reception from WPR
Open Source Radio Wiki
Free Radio on my Phone